After Passing

Question: What is Learn Safe Drive Safe?

Answer: Learn Safe Drive Safe is a post test Three hour course!

Question: How much will it cost ?

Answer: The cost to you is Just £24 . The rest is funded by Derbyshire County Council. Total value £84

Question: Am I eligable for this course?

Answer: You qualify if you are 25 years old or younger and have passed your practical test within the last 18 months

Question: What will the course cover?

Answer: The course will cover eco driving rural roads and Motorway!

Question: How do I book?

Answer: Book online at

Question: Where do I take the online module?

Answer: The online module can be taken at

Question: What is your cancellation policy ?

Answer: 24 hours notice is needed for cancellation of a lesson. Full fee is payable if not given!